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2017: Prophetic ‘Day of the Lord’ brings Destruction to Jerusalem & US, Says Bible Expert

January 06, 2017

St. Peter said not to ignore “1000 years as a day” when “the day of the Lord will come” in his 2nd book, 3rd chapter. Daniel’s famous time prophecy of 70 weeks of years (490) spanned 10 jubilees that came every 49 years because the 50th was the 1st year of the next week of years. If we come 40 more jubilees to 1995, Pope John Paul went to the UN on the Day of Atonement and then a 20-year gap to Pope Francis’ UN visit in 2015, marking the end of 1000 years because 490 years (10 jubilees) go into 1000 twice with 20 years left over, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, Bible author. “The day of the Lord” comes as a thief in the night, for when they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” The Iran Nuclear Treaty was a sign of peace and safety. “The day of the Lord” was also signaled by the solar eclipse and blood moon (Joel’s 2nd...

Phase One Zika Vaccine Trial Underway In Select Cities

January 06, 2017

Optimal Research announced today the launch of recruitment efforts for a phase one zika vaccine study at three of their US based locations.  This effort comes in response to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of an international public health emergency due to the rise in microcephaly and other neurological disorder cases related to the zika virus outbreak.  “Optimal Research is proud to be active in providing a potential solution for the health crisis.  Together, with our partners and governmental agencies, we hope this study shows promise for an effective preventive vaccine” – Dr. Stephan A Bart, Sr. CMO and President of Optimal Research The zika vaccine research study aims to induce immunity and provide protection against the infection caused by the zika virus.  The participating sites are seeking healthy volunteers ages 18-49 to participate in the study, with a special need for one third of participants...

Leave Email Verification To The Experts

January 05, 2017

is an email verification service provider that focuses on bulk email list cleaning and real-time email verification inside apps and web forms using their API or WordPress plugin. With years of experience and excellent customer satisfaction, Email Checker is recognized as a leading email verification service provider. can help you identify fake or invalid email addresses in your email list. No matter how large your email list is, leave it to the expert. By uploading a CSV file into their system, companies can verify their entire email list to ensure all dead, fake or spam email addresses are removed. After verifying, companies are left with a clean email list that can safely be sent email campaigns without worry of high bounce back or undeliverability rates. With Email Checker’s simple API or WordPress plugin, they verify email addresses being entered into app or forms on websites in real-time. Companies that are worried about customers entering invalid email...

IMS Deltamatic S.p.A. kicks off a new development phase

January 06, 2017

IMS Deltamatic S.p.A. strengthens its capital structure because of the investment by Coeclerici S.p.A. in a majority stake (67 percent) that will enable growth and leadership reinforcement on a global scale.This transaction gives IMS Deltamatic S.p.A.—the owner of brands including GOEBEL IMS, deltamatic, ROTOMAC, KASPER, TURRA and DELTAMOULD—full industrial continuity, thus preserving all branches’ activities with their current employees, management, clients and suppliers. Raffaele Ghilardi, Chairman of the IMS Deltamatic S.p.A., has been confirmed at the helm of the company, together with the CEO Daniele Vaglietti. While receiving financial provision, IMS Deltamatic S.p.A. will benefit from Coeclerici’s expertise, structure and strong knowledge of international markets, where the company has been a global reference point for raw materials supply chain management for over 120 years. The takeover fits in the business diversification strategy...

Demand Building in 2017 for Synthetic Roofing

January 05, 2017

Increased homeowner interest in cool roofs and authentic-looking slate and shake roofing products will continue to spur the growth of polymer roofing products in 2017. That's the prediction of roofing industry leaders at DaVinci Roofscapes®.             "We set new sales records for sales in California in 2016 as people prepared for the launch of Title 24 requirements in 2017," says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of . "West Coast residents are clamoring for energy-efficient roofing products. Fortunately we were ahead of this surge by launching four new DaVinci EcoBlend® cool family colors earlier this year."              The EcoBlend polymer roofing color options have all been approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) to reflect sunlight and heat away from a home or commercial structure, helping...

Thanks to Tech-Savvy Parent, Sycamore Education Meets the Amazon Echo

January 09, 2017

When Sycamore Education’s public application program interface (API) was released, the possibilities opened up that would allow third-party developers to access data stored within Sycamore in a safe and secure manner. Most recently, a parent at Shakopee Area Catholic School in Shakopee, Minnesota has increased those possibilities even further to assist him and his family. Todd Kitta, an architect with the Microsoft Technology Center, created quite the social media buzz when he shared a of receiving Sycamore information from his Amazon Echo. By leveraging the Echo, Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft Bot Framework, and Sycamore Education’s API, Kitta was able to pull data from Sycamore’s K-12 system, Sycamore School, to be read aloud by “Alexa.” As a result, Kitta could find out the grades in his children’s classes in a matter of seconds, with just a simple voice command. “I wanted to make it easy for all of us to check...

Follr Releases Updated API

January 06, 2017

a SaaS (Service as a software) company today announced the release of an . The API is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and is a 100% native cloud application (NCA), multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. is a Software as a Service platform that empowers fans to communicate and better connect with other fans, a team, athlete or celebrity. It acts as a compliment to existing content, site and apps, building authentic, high-value relationships by simplifying marketing, administration and ecommerce. It simultaneously enables sport and entertainment franchises to better manage fan relationships, extend marketing, access currently latent revenue and protect their brand. "It is clear from conversations we are having with sports and entertainment entities that fan data is a key and valuable asset, something Follr Profile Websites address perfectly," stated Follr Product...

RadiaDyne announces promotion of Steve Gelmine to OARtrac Global Product Director

January 06, 2017

RadiaDyne announced today that Steve Gelmine has been named OARtrac Global Product Director at RadiaDyne, with full commercial responsibility for the OARtrac Dosimetry Monitoring Platforms. "It is with great pleasure we recognize Steve's outstanding leadership, sales results and product launch expertise during his tenure with RadiaDyne and his outstanding track record of results in the medical device industry" said John Isham, RadiaDyne, CEO. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the OARtrac platform that will allow us to complete our pre-commercial launch process and expected full commercial launch anticipated in Q3 2017. Steve brings 25 years of medical device experience including extensive sales, marketing, professional education and sales management during his tenure with Johnson & Johnson's leading medical device business. RadiaDyne is a medical device company focused on Radiation Oncology that provides...

Share Lawyers Celebrates 30 Years!

January 06, 2017

Ontario’s leading disability law firm, , is celebrating 30 years of fighting for clients who have been denied their disability coverage. Over their 30-year history, the firm has won thousands of cases for deserving clients. “Our team is proud to be advocates of a community of people who are disenfranchised by their long and short-term disability insurance providers,” said David Share, president of Share Lawyers. Share Lawyers was established in 1987 with only the highest standards in legal representation, and believes that every disability insurance claim client deserves superior personal service. In order to achieve that goal Share Lawyers has put together a team of experienced, compassionate and caring long term disability lawyers, law clerks and secretaries in order to meet all of your needs. They believe that the client is the most important person, and will do whatever they can to see that clients are fully compensated by... offers exercise bike reviews and comparisons for health concerned people

January 06, 2017 is very happy to make you known that they has started giving real time indoor cycling bike reviews, comparison etc to indoor cycle lovers and health concerned people. And the most promising part is they have been successfully covering all the recent addition in indoor cycle family. Moreover, they provide review on different indoor cycling bike accessories like fitness trackers, bike trainers, workout shoes, workout shorts etc. In a word, they are becoming a one stop solution for all indoor cycling bike lovers. has been launched not so long ago with a vision of helping exercise lovers. As the most efficient form of exercise for jobholders, they picked indoor exercise bike to be reviewed. Whenever a person tries to buy an indoor cycle, that will be the best choice for himself/herself, some acute measurement and properties come along. Usually consumers get confused over these aspects and cannot determine which one is the best choice...

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