eRacks Systems Offers 600 Terabyte Data Capacity With New eRacks/NAS60 Data Storage Servers

February 29, 2016

LOS GATOS, CA - 2/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) --  announced today the release of its new eRacks/NAS60 high-capacity data storage servers with storage capacity of up to 600 Terabytes of raw storage space. The California based firm is a major manufacturer and provider of Open Source based rackmount high-capacity and Petascale data storage servers for network attached storage as well as cloud-based applications. The new is a 4U rackmount unit that comes with 60 top-loading drawer-style drive bays. eRacks Systems is offering these units to come with combinations of 6, 8, and 10 Terabyte capacity hard drives, allowing for a total raw data storage space of up to 600 Terabytes. Customers of eRacks Systems can order eRacks/NAS60 to be configured with up to sixty 10-Terabyte HGST drives bringing the capacity of the unit to 600 Terabytes. Also combinations of lower capacity hard drives are possible for lower space requirements and applications. The chassis, eRacks/4U-60RHD,...

Toothless UK Knows the Cause but Talk Is Pointless Without a Plan to Cut Sugar, Says Dr Ruhling

February 28, 2016

There is little hope for better health in society until parents own-up to their responsibility of rearing their children by restricting their ability to get sugary foods and drinks. If local government in the home won't enforce better guidelines, big government efforts will prove a poor alternative, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, offering insights on sugar and health. PRESCOTT, AZ - 2/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The leading cause of hospitalization for children, ages 5-9, in England where children and young people drink more sugary soft drinks than anywhere else in Europe, is for tooth extraction, a problem affecting tens of thousands of children. (Google News) Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH is retired, but he offers his own dental insights. The first word he learned to spell as a child was c-a-n-d-y, as his parents spelled it out to avoid his attention, but he got the idea and the taste for sweets early in life. As a result, he had a mouthful of dental...

Service Experts Plumbing LLC Expands Its Service Territory

February 28, 2016

WATEFORD, MI - 2/27/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Service Experts Plumbing LLC of Waterford MI is now servicing customers in Bloomfield MI, Bloomfield Township MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, West Bloomfield MI, Orchard Lake MI, Pontiac MI, Clarkston MI, Rochester Hills MI, Troy MI, Sylvan Lake MI, Commerce MI, White Lake MI, Walled Lake MI, Keego Harbor MI, Auburn Hills MI and Highland MI. As always our valued Waterford MI customers as well as our new customer located throughout our newly expanded service area can always reach us through our website or our 24 hour service line at 1-888-406-3630. Our experts are on call with fully equipped and stocked trucks ready to service your plumbing and emergency service needs. Our existing customers already know that they can call on our team of plumbing experts 24 hours, 365 days a year and now we will be providing or services to all of our new customers located in the extended service...


February 26, 2016

One aspect of being modern is simply put that one ahead of your time. The European masters of art and architecture are classic to some, and contemporary to many. To pay homage to the masters by creating such relevance within the domain of has always been ModerneLiving’s prerogative to live up to truly contemporary living. From the moment human senses are truly awake to the point that they become aware of the effect on one’s mind to the time when there is an end to everything, completely exists within one word to describe a moment eternal; the present. The biggest quality of the present is that its experience cannot be replicated; it has to be experienced there and then. Such realizations are the driving factor that powers our designers to shape their thoughts that are worth the comfort and aesthetic fit to be the light of your home. ModerneLiving exquisitely invites you to experience inspiration that creates a lasting impression from all over Europe. Visually...

Actions Speak Louder Than Words at TRIFECTA MED SPA & WELLNESS

February 26, 2016

2/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- How many times have you brushed past someone who has left you with a lasting impression for days on end? How many months has it been that someone has given you a pleasing comment that meant exploring you skin deep? How well are you, over the years, able to hold the gaze with yourself as you look inside the mirror without a single shred of clothing ogling over the hills and valleys of your body? Normally you wouldn’t be asking all these questions to yourself if you would have taken 15 minutes out of your routine to visit the Trifecta Med Spa and Wellness Center. combines the latest that non-invasive medical technology can offer with the skillset of the practitioners that do not make compromise to reverse time for a youthful you. Impressions last a lifetime, only if they pique attention. The highest sought after FDA approved Botox and Cool Sculpting treatments are bound to leave you with desirable results famed widely all across the...

Obama Seen As President At Christ's Coming In A Dream 30 Years Ago--How It Could Be, Says Dr Ruhling

November 30, -0001

A pastor dreamed of an African-American president with Obama's description, well-liked at first, but he became a 'terrible dictator.' The dream was not shared widely because it seemed impossible in the 1980's. (Google 'Jack Darnall's Dream') Dr. Ruhling, prophecy expert, explains how it could be so.

Mellow Announces Plan for 2nd Production Batch of Patented Cooking Device

November 30, -0001

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 2/25/2016 -- This morning, announced the plan for a 2nd  production batch for its patented, effortless Sous-Vide cooking device. Cook Mellow is transforming cooking using advanced, patented technology. “For the first time, anybody can get 5 Star Michelin quality food every day while in the comfort of their own home,” says Zé Ferreira, Co-Founder. With Mellow, cooking gourmet food comes effortlessly. Mellow uses Sous-Vide cooking, used in many top restaurants, which slow cooks food at low temperatures in a water bath. The first pre-order production batch is nearly sold out, with a limited number of $50 vouchers left available on a first-come, first-serve basis. A waiting list for the second production batch is about to form. People can visit to see if they’re lucky enough to get their hands on one of the last remaining units. Even those who generally don’t have time to cook are lining up to order because Mellow...

Supplying the Gospel for Asia’s Many Peoples is Bible League International Mission

February 26, 2016

CRETE, IL - 2/24/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Bible League International (BLI) is reaching out to Christian friends and businesses in order to help change the dire conditions that are sweeping across the countries of Asia. Known for its widespread poverty and limited religious options, the opportunity for distributing Bibles to the millions of people in Asia who find the Lord each year is perhaps the greatest chance ever to make sure that God’s message is received by those who have never heard his name. It is the mission of BLI to ensure that at least 500,000 Bibles are passed throughout all of Asia, as well as additional training materials and Biblical resources. BLI has succeeded in their goal by reaching out to the many Christians in America, Europe, and elsewhere who have become partners with BLI in delivering the Gospel for Asia’s wonderful and appreciative new Christians, a group which continues to grow exponentially every year. It is the intention...

#1 New Release Premium Ceramic Knife set comes from BECKETT CUTLERY

February 26, 2016

2/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Premium Ceramic Knife Set from Beckett Cutlery runs its fifth week in a row as #1 New Release in category Chinese vegetable knives on Amazon, the largest US online retailer. Very shortly after the official launch on January 21st, 2016 the Beckett Cutlery set gains its popularity among customers. The unique features of these ceramic knives attract also traditional metal kitchen knives users who say: “We are new to ceramic knives. Wow are we impressed. My husband said these are the sharpest knives we have ever owned.“ The company focuses on attention to detail. Therefore, each ceramic knife included in their newly presented ceramic knife set is specially sized as well as paired with fitted sheath.  It includes the 3 most essential and frequently used kitchen knives: 6” chef´s knife, 5” slicing knife, 4” paring knife. Beckett Cutlery...

Neon Alien Studios LLC to Release Mobile Game “Polar Bear Kid: Global Meltdown Escape” on International Polar Bear Day

February 26, 2016

2/26/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Neon Alien Studios LLC is currently developing a mobile game called “Polar Bear Kid: Global Meltdown escape” about a polar bear running to escape the melting polar ice caps to bring more awareness to global warming and its effects on polar bears. The mobile game will be released on International Polar Bear Day, 27th of February 2016. The primary habitat of polar bears is sea ice. Due to global warming, temperatures in the Arctic are increasing at least two times as fast as the worldwide average. Aside from that, sea ice cover is shrinking by almost 4% per decade. The reductions in sea ice thickness and extent affect the ability of polar bears to find food. Polar bears eat ringed seals and get 2/3 of the energy they require for the whole year in early summer and late spring. With shorter periods of maximum sea ice extent, polar bears are given less time to hunt food and forced to go without food for a longer period of...

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